22 December, 2020

Open Pots Project

by Útilapu Hálózat (SCI Hungary)

Our volunteers started a Solidarity project this autumn (2020). Open Pots events are intercultural gatherings where we cook, talk, and eat together. Every single time we discover a new dish from a new place in the world. Our first opening event was at the very famous “Szimpla Kert” (Simpla Garden), which gave an opportunity to everyone to chill with friends and share their culture, handmade crafts, and home-grown food.

In this place, Sundays also give opportunities for every civil organization to cook for the people.  As the Útilapu Hálózat SCI Hungary, we made Qorma, an afghan dish by our master chef volunteer Najib. We prepared and cooked together from 8 am until 12 am. We made a vegetarian and a meaty big pot. At lunchtime, we served food that we wanted to taste. It cost a symbolic amount because it was a donation-based event. In the end, we just recognized that cooked a lot so we shared it across Budapest streets to help people who really need it. When we gave the food we received big smiles with sparkly eyes. It was seriously a heart-touching moment.

Every month we continue this cooking event series. In the end, we will make an “Open Pots cooking book” which contains our recipes and memories from the events. Because of the pandemic, we decided to cook online together, so you can join and make your lunch in your kitchen with us! Hungarian, Italian and other dishes on the list.  Join us!

“They say to the heart there is a way from your stomach.”

We make you happy with our food from around the world!











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