19 May, 2021

Call for participants!

Change Makers, a live autobiography

What is “Change Makers” about?

Change Makers is an event based on the Living Library concept, where you will get in touch with stories about social and environmental justice, migration, empowerment, and disability. The purpose of this event is to connect on the most basic level, from experience to experience. We welcome you to join us and get to know the stories of these change-makers from around the world. Each person will share a unique story that might be at the same time familiar to you. They are change-makers in very diverse senses. Their ways might vary, but their purpose does not: to contribute to a more just, aware, and safe world for everyone.



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International Volunteering Fair

International Volunteering Fair

It’s time for a short recap of our International Volunteering Fair!

On Sunday, December 5th International Secretariat of SCI held its first online International Volunteering Fair on the platform GatherTown.

Invitation for International Volunteering Fair

Invitation for International Volunteering Fair

We are very happy to invite you to SCI International Volunteering Fair on December 5th! This online fair will round up our 100th anniversary celebration, give you a glimpse of the global work done by SCI everyday and present you with many volunteering opportunities and inspirations.

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