6 December, 2020

End of 100for100 donation campaign

Thank you for supporting us!

In June 2020, we launched the fundraising campaign 100€ for 100 years, in a moment where SCI was already facing difficult and challenging times and Covid-19 was hitting us hard.

SCI reached out to you, our friends around the world, who want to see SCI bloom as a centenarian, and you responded, helping us in our work for a better future for you and for future generations.

The donation campaign has now officially ended, and we want to thank all the donors and those who helped spreading the campaign!

Thanks to you, the campaign raised a total of 15,270€.

We are really grateful to all of you for making it possible to reach our goal!

Thank you! 15,270€ raised, 47 donations, 76.4% of the 20,000€ goal

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Learn Peace Education in Practice online!

Learn Peace Education in Practice online!

Our Peace Education in Practice online course is officially available!! You can find it at learning.sci.ngo.
Between March and April you can also participate in group sessions to learn together with other people. Find all the dates and join in!

Plants for Peace

Plants for Peace

IVP Australia in the frame of a Plants for Peace project delivered approximately 300 plants to Lake Conjola on 5th Feb 2021 to assist with environmental recovery but also to help with the mental health of traumatised residents that had been in the path of the fires.

Design Contest

Design Contest

We have a merchandise design contest in celebration of our extended 100 years celebration!

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