22 April, 2020

Peace Messengers Online Course

Would you like to learn for and about peace?

SCI is glad to announce renewed(1) SCI Peace Messengers (PM) online courses from 2nd of May till 30th of May 2020. Would you like to learn for and about peace? Do you want to start facilitating sessions about peace yourself online (and hopefully later offline again at workcamps)? And to share thoughts about peace with like-minded people from different countries/background? In an informal way you learn the basics of being a peace-messenger during the course. The backbone of the courses are weekly conference-calls at either Saturday 2pm CE(s)T or Saturday 8pm CE(s)T and assignments and deeper discussions in between with support of a virtual platform.

Please note that the course is free, but not without obligation: it takes on average 4-5 hours time-investment a week, including the conference call (1,5 h)

Please apply by sending the following form to peacemessengers@gmail.com at the latest Thursday 30th of April. (feel free to ask questions at the same address):

Country/SCI Branch:
Role in SCI (if relevant):
skype id:
(short) motivation

(1) Due to the COVID-19 crisis a world of online communication and community tools seemed to open itself. SCI Peace Messengers Network also explored/tested last month and at the same time reviewed and enlarged the resources about peace being used.

Written by Peace Messenger Network

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