21 December, 2023

Gaia Kosovo is looking for long-term volunteers

GAIA Kosovo is looking for volunteers

Gaia Kosovo is looking for 2 volunteers for a long-term volunteering project (6 to 9 months) to assist in various tasks related to environmentalism in the Bozevce village in Kosovo 🍃

About the hosting organisation

GAIA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the culture of peace, social and environmental justice and sustainable living. The main activities of GAIA are international volunteer programs (workcamps, long-term volunteering), non-formal education (trainings, seminars, workshops, youth exchanges) and permanent community building programs, in places which are facing different social or environmental challenges such as systemic discrimination, social isolation and ethnicity based division. Since 2014 GAIA has been the official branch of Service Civil International.

In the remote village of Bozevce, with help of friends and volunteers, GAIA has been developing a project which serves as a place for education and practices of sustainable living, natural building, organic food production, communal living, etc. The program includes different activities in the fields of natural building, mainly with local materials such as earth and straw, food production and permaculture education. From spring till autumn we host several youth exchanges, volunteer groups, scouts, workshops and similar. More than 100 people go through our educational program every year. Our goal is to show by example that another way, simpler, in community and nature-friendly is possible.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • finishing the interior work (examples: plastering, furniture, fine work)
  • support the building of new objects (examples: summer kitchen, green roofs, greenhouse)
  • gardening and helping with its maintenance
  • supporting organization of activities such as workshops, meetings, workcamps
  • collecting herbs and mushrooms around the village
  • coordination of international volunteer groups (possibly in other locations), scout groups and youth exchanges
  • construction work, carpentry, plastering
  • gardening (sowing, harvesting, maintaining)
  • preparing wood for the winter season

These tasks are not extensive, and they depend highly on the seasons.

Skills & Competencies

The volunteer should be:

  • interested in sustainable and simpler living,
  • environmental topics and holistic approach to social and environmental problems
  • ready and willing to live in a small remote village, but also in a small community with other volunteers, members of GAIA and animals.
  • ready to work in a team communicate in open and direct way, and to accept feedback
  • to be willing to learn, adapt and to respect local customs be willing to learn local languages: Serbian and/or Albanian.
  • comfortable with animals, have no serious allergy and
  • respect the program’s protocols for working with them.
  • There are several dogs and cats, as well as chickens, geese, goats and bees. Sense of initiative and self-motivation is more than welcome.

GAIA does not tolerate use of drugs or any illegal substances, GAIA particulary does not tolerate hate speech, discrimination, racism, homophobia, sexism, nationalism or any form of aggression.

To apply, send a motivation letter and CV to info@gaiakosovo.org.

To learn more, click below.

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