2 October, 2023

Albanoi has joined the IS

Meet Albanoi, our new Communication Volunteer.

Albanoi will be joining the IS offices for a year here in Antwerp, helping out with communication.

Hi everyone! My name is Albanoi and I am the new Communication Volunteer for SCI IS. It feels weird even typing that because when I applied, I did so on a whim and did not think much of it, only to find myself in Antwerp two months later, in an unknown city, alone for the first time. It is exciting to think of what lies ahead of me in this coming year.

Part of this excitement is everything I will learn about the history of SCI and getting to be a part of it. Having studied social work, SCI’s core values of peace and equality resonate with me and motivate me to give my best, so that I can feel like I am part of something bigger and make a contribution to the world. 

I am also excited about meeting new people, learning about different cultures and immersing myself in this new environment in general. Something I have been appreciating is how accessible Antwerp is for biking, which I’ve been doing every chance I get (my legs hurt!). I’ve also been enjoying cooking for myself in the flat. Trying out new recipes, experimenting and getting creative with them makes me very happy.

I wish I could tell you only about the butterflies and rainbows, but the truth is doing this volunteering experience is also scary because I am living far away from Kosova for the first time. I miss the people there already, but I know that this experience will help me grow as a person and give me a new understanding of the world.

Gjithe te mirat,


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