Abdulvahab Salamzadeh street 53 AZ1038, Baku


Phone number: +994708586995

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    AYAFE – one of the first young voluntary NGOs in Azerbaijan, established in November 1997 by the students with the general aim of contributing to the integration of Azerbaijan into the European Institutions. We stand for peace, tolerance and understanding.

    We do lots of international and local projects, mainly organize seminars, conferences, voluntary activities. AYAFE is a partner organization of the Service Civil International (SCI) in Azerbaijan.

    Our motto is: “Where is the Will, There is the Way!”

    Aims and objectives:

    • To promote Azerbaijan among the youth of Europe.
    • To study the political and economic structures of Europe and promote them among the Azerbaijani youth.
    • To work for establishing and developing friendship relations of Azerbaijani youth with the youth of other European countries;
    • To implement exchange programs with different international and national youth organizations functioning in other European countries.
    • To be represented in international youth NGOs functioning in European level.
    • To promote voluntary youth movement in Azerbaijan;
    • To promote human rights and democracy and be active in strengthening the civil society in Azerbaijan.