Eid Hijazi street- Rashed Khader Building- basement floor, P.O. Box 618, Hebron, Palestine.


Phone number: +97022255999

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    International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL) is an independent non-governmental organisation based in Hebron. The IPYL was founded in May 1997 by a group of young Palestinians with the vision of empowering youth in order to confront the various economic, social and political challenges facing Palestine in the context of the on-going Israeli occupation of the West Bank.


    The reality of Palestinian youth is different from any other place:

    • Israeli occupation is leaving deep marks on the Palestinian youth’s attitude and aspirations.
    • Palestinian youth participation in public life is very limited and never on a decision making level.
    • Uncertainness about the future perspectives and hopelessness reinforce the feeling of alienation, impotence and confusion among youth.


    • To encourage young people to:
    • Have an active community involvement.
    • Understand the importance of democracy, human rights principles and international humanitarian laws.
    • Develop a spirit of independence and creativity.
    • Recognize and respect cultural diversity.
    • Work with young people in the neighboring countries to achieve a real peace.
    • To promote an end to discrimination and the respect of diversities.
    • To assist Palestinian society’s underprivileged & marginalize sectors.
    • To encourage equal opportunities in all social sectors, stressing liberal values, democratic principles, intercultural learning and community development.


    • Youth Leadership and Capacity Building Initiatives.
    • Voluntary Work Programs.
    • Intercultural Exchange and Twinning’s.
    • International Workcamps.
    • Cultural Activities and study trips.
    • Youth Information Center.
    • Language Courses.
    • Studies and Researches.