Via Alessandro Cruto, 43
00146 Rome


Phone number: +39 06 558 0644

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    SCI Italia, founded in 1948 and “revitalised” in the 70s, is based in Rome and is supported by various local groups. During its existence it has sent and received thousands of volunteers, contributing to the spread of international volunteering in our country. SCI Italy has always been sensitive to the problems of social inclusion and human rights.

    For many years he has carried out several projects in Palestine , and currently supports the nonviolent popular resistance committees.

    SCI Italy sends around 400 Italian volunteers worldwide every year. It organises about 30 volunteer camps per year in Italy , which host more than 300 international volunteers, thus contributing to the development of social, environmental, historical / cultural protection activities in our country. SCI Italia has been an EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending and receiving organisation for several years and annually carries out various Youth in Action projects . In addition, it sends LTV (Long Term Volunteer) volunteers to Europe and the world.

    The local groups deal with the training and promotion of volunteering in the various regions, supporting the work of the central office in Rome. The project of “The City of Utopia” in Rome plays a significant role at local but also international level.