Global Volunteer Action

March 2015 - June 2016

The idea

Global Volunteer Action focused on youth volunteering, specifically in Europe and Asia. Youth and voluntary service organizations faced several challenges, and Global Volunteer Action aimed to find a common space where they could be shared and discussed, a space that could provide and create common solutions.

The project worked towards the following objectives:


improving networking, communication and cooperation among SCI branches and partners in Europe and Asia active in international voluntary service


promoting non-formal and informal learning opportunities for young people through international voluntary service in both Europe and Asia (in particular on the topics of intercultural dialogue and solidarity), active citizenship and common global issues as social inclusion, youth employment, global environmental challenges and other


increasing visibility and recognition of international volunteer and youth activities by better use of online and social media tools on both national and international level, innovative and creative approaches in organizing international youth and volunteer activities


increasing quality of awareness raising and educational activities in international youth and volunteer projects by training multipliers, preparing, sharing and improving materials for non-formal education

The activities

The project consisted of different meetings, seminars and trainings:

Preparatory Meeting

Rome (Italy), 26 – 29 March 2015

The preparation team met in person to plan the following activities.

Global Volunteer Action Opening Seminar: Volunteering in the 21st Century in Asia

Sydney (Australia), 22 – 27 June 2015

The seminar consisted of two days of seminar and two and a half days of capacity building and strategic planning. It also provided an opportunity for members of the IEC and representatives of 9 Asian branches to reflect on the role and organisation of volunteering today.

Volunteer University

Sofia (Bulgaria), 12 – 18 October 2015

During the Volunteer University the participants focused on exchanges of Global South and Global North. Evaluation of activities was another big theme and as an important outcome of this activity an online evaluation system of projects and best practices on workcamps within SCI was implemented in practice.

Social Media and ICT Training

Hong Kong (China), 20 – 25 February 2016

The training aimed at improving networking, communication and cooperation among SCI branches and partners in Europe and Asia active in international voluntary service. It also had the goal of increasing the visibility and recognition of international volunteer and youth activities by better use of internet and social media tools, on both national and international level.

Training for multipliers working with (international) youth groups

Athens (Greece), 11 – 17 April 2016

The training gathered 22 participants from 13 different countries around the world, and prepared SCI volunteers and activists to become workcamp coordinators in various Countries.

Final seminar – Advanced Volunteer University

Barcelona (Spain), 17 – 22 June 2016

The Final seminar of the Global Volunteer Action project took place at the Advanced Volunteer University and focused on a complete evaluation of this global project.

Outcomes and resources

“A public debate on International volunteering in a rapidly changing society, where experienced speakers shared their views, experiences and research findings, was an eye opener for all of us.”

Edward Chuah, participant from SCI Malaysia

Grapheazy Cards

A visual facilitation tool designed for meetings with international participants, where English is not the mother tongue of the majority of the group. Grapheazy can help people express themselves more freely during a discussion. Thanks to the power of images, this tool turns a group discussion into dynamic visualisation that can be helpful in identifying new ways to tackle a problem or a theme. Grapheazy includes 50 visual A4 – cards and a manual with examples how to use it. It was created by Mauro Carta on behalf of SCI with the support of the Pool of trainers and facilitators of SCI. After its content-testing phase in 2014, the improved tool received a fresh design and was launched at the Final Seminar – Advanced Volunteer University.

Impact map

After the introduction to a survey on international volunteering during the Opening Seminar, branches contributed to this survey in 2015. As a follow up, an Impact Map was created.

Several resources were created for improving knowledge and knowledge transfer in the Movement. You can access these resources if you are a member of SCI.

Social Media Guidelines

The participants of the Social Media and ICT training developed Social Media Guidelines to help all branches.

Educational materials for camp coordinators

Participants in the Training for multipliers working with (international) youth activities developed educational materials, namely session outlines (scenarios) for training of camp coordinators.

Question to Answer

Question to Answer, alias Q2A, is an online support forum SCI developed to facilitate better knowledge transfer within the SCI movement. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can provide an answer. The tool allows SCI newcomers to link with experienced people who can provide valuable insights on their questions.

Resolution on improving reporting by SCI branches

The Global Volunteer Action Opening seminar allowed participating organisations from Europe and Asia to meet face to face and go beyond what cooperation between Europe and Asian region means. The discussion on this topic led to a proposal of a resolution on improving reporting by SCI branches, which was approved by the International Committee Meeting later that year.


The project was implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.