Climate for Peace Toolkit: How to organise sustainable workcamps

Topics: Environment

Project: Youth Empowerment for a Sustainable Europe

Year of publication: 2015

Supported by: European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Resource type: Toolkit

In this toolkit background information is given on the campaign, climate justice, how SCI started implementing solutions and tools are suggested to enhance and spread skills necessary for sustaining a climate campaign. The publication is aimed at providing ideas, basic knowledge, practices and skills, inspiration and practical tools (study part) to support the educational activities within SCI on Climate Justice or within any volunteering project. The content can support the mainstreaming of the topic within your organisation and further activities, the collection of tools, workshops and ideas for a study part. The suggested activities vary in length, preparation time and level, meaning you can apply them according to the audience or participants of your diverse activities. Mostly we wish to inspire and increase the awareness within the movement and beyond on the topic, the manual is yours to use, as together we are the vehicles for change.

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