The Power Behind Good Intentions

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Topics: Intercultural dialogue

Year of publication: 2023

Supported by: Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Resource type: Toolkit

This is the 5th version of the ‘Picturing the Global South: The Power Behind Good Intentions’ toolkit! t’s all about the North-South volunteering exchanges and all the colonial power structures that come with those. It has been redesigned, and its content updated. 

This toolkit deals with global power structures in volunteering and takes up issues such as global justice, racism, climate justice, colonial history, the relation between the Global South and the Global North and others. The toolkit is a manual specifically targeted towards European volunteering organisations (and beyond), giving them guidance how to deal with unwanted motivations and stereotypes that volunteers might have.

This toolkit is the outcome of five seminars organised by SCI: ● The Power Behind Good Intentions: Solidarity and activist training for youth workers, 1-7 December 2022, Innsbruck / Mutters (Austria) ● Develop or Self-Develop: Who is the volunteer in relation to colonial history?, 12-14 and 18-21 March 2021, online via Zoom ● The Bigger Picture: NFE for a Global Perspective, 8-13 February 2018, Vienna ● Los Otros: How to prepare young people to deal with their own stereotypes, 30 October-5 November 2016, Madrid ● Picturing the Global South: The Power Behind Good Intentions, 14-21 November 2015, Vienna.

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