Quality Volunteering Guide

Topics: Education and Intercultural dialogue

Project: European Grand Tour

Year of publication: 2023

Supported by: European Grand Tour Erasmus KA2 Project, Co-funded by the European-Union

Resource type: Booklet

This guide is meant to equip the reader with the necessary ground experience, tools and processes to enable them to engage more in hosting volunteers, ensuring both their well-being and benefiting society in a greater way than before.

This cooperation was initiated after a successful experimentation of a unique mechanism entwining national civic service and the European Solidarity to reach more inclusion in European Mobility. It was launched with Unis Cité in 2020, in Metz, France. Unis Cité is considered to be the leading association that started the national program in France (125 000 full time youth volunteers a year up to date), and then expanded, notably to the partners of Erasmus KA2. This event inspired the main youth announcement of the French Presidency of the Council of the Union 2022.

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