Words about Deeds

Topics: History

Project: 100 years anniversary campaign

Year of publication: 2019

Resource type: Book

In 2020, it’s been one hundred years since – on Pierre Ceresole’s initiative – a few volunteers had begun an international service for peace and reconstruction. 100 years of Service Civil International are a reason to celebrate, to look forward but also to look back upon our long history of international voluntary service for peace. This is the purpose of this book on the history of SCI!

The present publication is the result of the work of an international team of volunteers – SCI style! Different articles present important steps and milestones, interesting and exemplary projects and workcamps as well as original sources and portraits of activists from the first 100 years of SCI.

The book is published by the International Secretariat in Antwerp in close collaboration with SCI’s International Archives in Switzerland. The first edition is published in December 2019 and the second in March 2020.

The price for one book is 25 € (shipping excluded – the cost of shipping is 15 €). If you pick up your copy at International Secretariat office or ICM (International Committee Meeting) there are no shipping costs.
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