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Borders separate, nature unites

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Written by GAIA Kosovo

May 2017

GAIA Kosovo has completed the project focused on youth and volunteering programs for nature conservation in rural areas called ‘Youth for nature, volunteering and inclusion’ supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.

The project included 3 international activities which took place in Kosovo. A training course on qualitative and strategic programs for youth in the field of nature conservation was the first activity which took place in Peja/Peć in June 2016. Short videos about the training are available here. The follow up of the training course was the youth exchange ‘Nature Connecting Us’, which took place in the colourful mountains of Sharr, in the south of Kosovo and gathered 30 youngsters from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia. Watch this great video story about the mountain from the eyes of participants.The final event was PBA (Partnership Building Activity) which took place in the small village of Banja e Pejes/Pećka Banja and gathered 32 representatives from diverse European organizations.

The follow up activities are happening this year and they include a group short-term EVS and long-term EVS in Brezovica (Sharr Mountain), exchange within the French Service Civique program, youth exchanges in The Sharr Mountain and The Accursed Mountains.

Results and suggestions for sessions on trainings on the topic of nature conservation, stakeholders of the project , as well as useful resources can be found on the GAIA web page.
GAIA will continue to develop volunteering and educational programs for youth in rural and remote areas, so if you are interested in joining us, get in touch with us. Because, borders separate, nature unites!

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