Don’t leave your room, don’t make a mistake!

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Written by Irina Nikulina

June 2016

There’s this poem by Joseph Brodsky – “Don’t leave your room, don’t make a mistake”. I guess this should become an anthem for all international volunteers, because in a way it mocks everyone who hasn’t done it yet and, even more, doesn’t understand or doesn’t accept people who are actively involved in it.

Mistakes that we make leaving the room, getting ourselves out there and becoming volunteers internationally is that with it we oblige ourselves to the eternal life of wandering, looking, searching for the meaning and simply refusing to live an “average” life. Life which is normal for everybody else around.

So, if you want to become a volunteer, don’t think about consequences – they may in the end sound too scary to you! But having become a volunteer once, you will never stop, this is a fact proven by so so so many people. This simply becomes your state of mind!

If you ask me, in all my volunteering projects I find people the biggest treasure, the biggest source of inspiration, the biggest benefit of participating! Meeting them, we open new horizons, new challenges and new worlds for ourselves. They make us richer and better.

I’m saying hello to you now from Tallinn, Estonia, where I have been volunteering for 4 months so far out of 11 which I have and I am here as a result of a long volunteering journey and more than 10 short projects all over my country and the world. To say that I’m thankful to the universe for the fact that once completely by accident I found out about this world is to say nothing – this is my whole life now!

So, please, decide for yourself if you want to leave the room or not. Just keep in mind that life will never be the same again once you do!