How to overcome the post-workcamps blues

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Written by Marta Palau,

September 2015

We don’t know how it is in your part of the world, but here in Antwerp it is getting colder. Trees are changing their leaves, the days are shorter and sunny days seem far away… We can’t help but already miss that time of the year when hundreds of workcamps are taking place all over the world, with lots of amazing volunteers joining, and so much energy, sunshine and activities! If you are feeling the same, don’t worry! There is no reason to stress. We have prepared for you a quick guide to overcome the post workcamps blues. Some few steps that will make you feel much better!

1. Recognize the symptoms

– and accept them
hand on the window
You come back to work or studies, and often you find yourself picturing the workcamp you joined this summer. It draws a smile on your face, but also it makes it hard to focus and you feel a bit nostalgic… This questions pops in your head from time to time: Is this what I want to do? Should I make a change in my life? You are also excited to explain your experience to your colleagues, friends and family. But sometimes it’s a bit difficult to make yourself understood and you feel lonley. Well, don’t you worry! It´s normal that coming back to real life feels strange… that means that your SCI workcamps had an effect on you, and that’s a very good thing.

2. Talk about your memories 

– spread the change!
If your colleagues, friends or family do not understand you in the first place, do not despair and try again. You have been “outside the box” for a while and you have fresh energy and great ideas: it’s the perfect moment to spread them.  You can start being the change we wish to see in the word by sharing these ideas within your circles. And if you want to go further, share them online too! Use social media to post your pictures, memories and thoughts, write a post about it on your blog, and if you want, you are always welcome to share with us sending it to

3. Put in practice what you’ve learned 

– apply to your daily life powerful and small changes
While being at a workcamp you’ve probably learnt about alternative styles of life, and you went back home with some tricks about being more sustainable or acting as a peacemaker. Think about how you can apply them to your daily life, now is the perfect moment to put them into practice! Make a list of what, when and how you can do it and get to it: buy more locally, forget about plastic bags, use nonviolent communication methods to solve your daily conflicts…

4. Start planning your next SCI workcamp

– plenty of workcamp opportunities and other SCI projects are awaiting you!
a person writing on the whiteboard
Summer may be over, but in SCI it’s always workcamps’ season.  You can already starting dreaming where would you like to go next or what you would like to work on, and start learning about it: reading a good book, looking for interesting movies or documentaries… With hundreds of workcamps on offer with SCI, you are always spoilt for choice, so you can start looking at them right now: 15 topics and 22 work types in more than 70 countries!  Keep an eye on our online database to be updated

5. Keep in touch with the people you have met

– You are more powerful if we are together
writing a letter
You probably met some amazing people during your workcamp experience, and you might have promised to each other that you will talk soon. You said you will visit them in their home country, they said “this is not a good bye but a see you soon”… Don’t let it be just words. Make sure you keep in touch with them! When was the last time you sent a nice postcard or a letter by ordinary mail? This may be a great opportunity.

6. Keep involved with SCI 

– Realize that this is just the beginning in your path to peaceful change.
A lot of things can start during an SCI workcamp, but none finis there. Contact your local branch and ask them how you can be involved with them. They might have some very interesting activities that you can help with while you are in your country. You will find the SCI office that is closer to you in our SCI map: click this link to see it!
You can also follow our social media channels that we update regularly with lots of SCI love for you! You can find us on