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Written by GAIA Kosovo from Kosovo

February 2017

Geographically, Kosovo is part of Europe, but politically there are many obstacles to feel like that. More than half of Kosovo’s populations are young people who are enthusiastic and interested to learn more, to explore other cultures, to volunteer abroad and to feel free, but visa regime is making it very complicated. Visa regime is just one of the obstacles for young people to grab the world, present and future.

Instead of complaining, we are trying to bring the world to Kosovo and we do so with workcamps, which we organize in very different and special places, in order to bring young people together, but also support local partners and their communities in creating a better world.

In 2017, GAIA is planning several workcamps:

– in Bear Sanctuary Prishtina, new home for 19 bears from illegal and horrible captivity

– in ethno village Stari Draganac in cooperation with Draganac monastery in rural and least developed areas of Kosovo

– in Imaginatorium, educational place for Roma kids and youth in Gračanica

– and finally Bike Tour, travelling workcamp, which will connect communities from North till South of Kosovo

News from Kosovo and Balkans are often exaggerated, manipulated and not real, thus we need people to come here and to experience it themselves. To all volunteers that this summer will decided to spent their time and effort in Kosovo, send us your story, your photo and tell us what Kosovo really is. Because we know that is beautiful.

bear sanctuary prishtina