COP 28 Experience

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Spain, Madrid

Other SCI experience

Written by Luis Frailer from Spain, Madrid

December 2023

Luis, vicepresident of SCI Mardid and coordinator of their local environmental group, participated in COP28, the 28th United National Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties. COP28 was taking place in Dubai this year and Luis participated as a SCI delegate online.


I had the chance to assist to some sessions of the conference. It was the first time I attended such a huge event with people from different countries interested in protecting the place we live. I was overwhelmed with the multiple and diverse sessions organised on a single day.

One remarkable aspect was the sense of urgency we felt during the discussions. The scientific community made clear warnings about the accelerating pace of climate change, which seemed to have a profound relevance on policymakers. During the sessions (also in the Network Area) there was a feeling of urgency, emphasizing the need for concrete steps to mitigate the impact of climate change. We, the delegates, shared our main ideas and concerns, having one idea in common: we must do an immediate action and the time is now.

The conference also highlighted the challenges in achieving a consensus on critical issues. We witnessed how negotiations about emission reductions, management of responsibilities and financial commitments went. This was a proof of how complex are these debates to reach an agreement. Moreover, it was obvious the feeling of collaboration and the diplomacy the developed and developing nations had in the sessions.

Regarding to technological advancements, different innovations aimed at combatting climate change were showcased in the conference. The need to boost renewable energies or carbon capture technologies were discussed as main parts of a greener future. Although, bringing these alternatives into reality seemed difficult if a continued investment and collaborative efforts is not applied yet.

To conclude, my impressions after assisting at the conference are both reflective of progress made and a stark reminder of the important work that lies ahead. The sessions outcomes served as a call to action for every component of the society (individuals, nations, industries, etc.) to work together with determination. We must overcome a tough future, but the conclusions held at the COP 28 gave hope that the world can (and must) address the challenge of safeguarding our planet for future generations.