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Written by Anonymous from Malaysia

January 2018

Spastic Annual Charity Walk Jog Wheel-a-thon (ACWJW) is an event organized by the Spastic Association Selangor  & Federal Territory together with 30 over like-minded Non Government Organizations (NGOs) raising funds for the special-needs people.

SCI KL is one of the long supporting NGO to this noble event. I have decided to participate in this charity event because with this opportunity I can raise funds for the people in need as well as for Service Civil International (SCI) Selangor & Federal Territory. This is also a great opportunity to train my courage to speak with strangers, explain to them and ask for donation.

The person that brought me to this event is also the person that brought me to SCI, thanks to Uncle Stephen. Compared to past three years, this year I managed to break my own record. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my peers in the Learning Seminar in Penang, who was  generous and did not hesitate to donate. And thank you to my friends and family  members, without them in this procs , I might unable to raise these much fund. Instead of taking part as a contestant this year, I chose to be a volunteer and assisted Marco in his wheel chair, to complete his 2km course.

I remembered assisting a lady to complete the 4km course for abled person back in year 2014. It is nothing special for a normal person to complete the course, but it was much hardship for the special-need people to complete. What will you do in a Sunday morning if you are not with us? Rich in good deeds, not just rich in pocket.