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United Arab Emirates

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Written by Sharmin Shara Mim from Germany

January 2024

I participated in COP 28 from December 9 to 12, 2023, where I attended various enlightening sessions, engaged in networking with like-minded youth, and conducted an on-ground podcast for the Green Diversity Project.

The sessions covered diverse topics such as higher education institutes in low-carbon transition, reports from LCOY 2023, “Investing in ocean: nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change”, “Accelerating Food Systems Transformation, Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation: Friendships Experiences, Supporting the Establishment of National Mechanism to Address Loss and Damage in Bangladesh”. Additionally, I explored side events in different country pavilions.

Session: Reports from LCOY session   Session COP28: Role of Academic Institutions in low carbon transition

Aside from daily sessions, I frequented the Children and Youth pavilion, participating in youth activities and connecting with colleagues from around the world. These interactions sparked discussions about potential collaborations, including the possibility of organising a webinar with fellow COP 28 attendees to inform other youth about various climate justice policy issues. The networking opportunities fulfilled my expectations of working with global youth, paving the way for future collaborations.


My climate change related engagement and support from Green Diversity Project

COP28 venueComing from Bangladesh, I moved to Germany in 2022 for my higher studies. Having been active in climate change activities since my bachelor studies, I wanted to continue pursuing this passion in Germany. Unsure of where to start, I found the Storytelling Lab opportunity in Spain under the Green Diversity Project, enabling me to contribute to climate change activities in Europe. Building connections with Service Civil International Germany and the International Secretariat through the Green Diversity Project, I secured the necessary badge and funding support for COP 28.

Youth like us face challenges when working and engaging in the fight for climate justice. Nevertheless, there are organisations like SCI that are dedicated to supporting young individuals, along with initiatives like Green Diversity, that significantly ease our path in this collective struggle.

Networking during COP 28 allowed me to share the activities of the Green Diversity Project with other youth, inspiring them to get involved in this global initiative.


In conclusion, my key takeaway from COP 28 is the recognition of the challenges faced by youth in climate change initiatives. However, this should not deter our efforts; instead, we should persist and continue pushing for change. While there is a lack of formal avenues for youth engagement in these topics, opportunities like the Green Diversity Project and SCI International provide the support needed. COP 28 enriched my understanding of climate change and justice, exposed me to various youth engagement activities and to ideas on how to apply them at the local level, and provided invaluable networking opportunities. I extend my sincere gratitude to the Green Diversity Project and SCI International for their support in advancing my endeavours.

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