Volunteering With SCI Has No Age

The project took place in:

United Kingdom


Written by Pat Barker

March 2016

“I’m a person who loves to travel, but not just any old travelling. What I love about IVS volunteering is the range of nationalities, ages and backgrounds brought together. You’re not simply spending time with tourists like yourself. On most projects, you really feel you’ve become part of the local community. You develop much more insight into the country you are in. But above all I believe in the aims of IVS. The sleeping, eating, working and debating with an international group uncovers thoughts, attitudes and prejudices you didn’t even know you had. There is tremendous satisfaction in helping a local community when you can look back at a harvest safely in, a painted building or a cleared watercourse. Where else do you get pleasure from being useful while having such tremendous fun?”

Pat Barker, volunteer, age 81

Story from IVS