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Volunteer’s diary in Blue Rose school

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Sri Lanka


Written by Carla Linare from Spain, Catalunya

August 2015

Dear whoever it’s you,

Surrounded by monkeys, dogs, birds all kind of bugs & the most beautiful nature I’ve spent one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life.
I can’t say (well write up) much because words could never help me experience the feelings I have inside one look, one song, one smile … these ”Blue Rose” kids have changed me in so many ways, they have given to me some great moments I will never ever forget… too much!

It was like a family here with SCI, Madu specially made me feel like at home, always caring and helping us and with a big smile. THANK YOU A LOT SCI, all the people I met here Piumi, Anfas, Dinu, Dilshani etc… you are all so fantastic. Sharing our thoughts, ways of thinking and our culture is what I bring back home after this experience, a true Sri Lankan experience. I was talking with a friend now saying I would like to come back soon…maybe next year?

It is so easy to make someone happy and the best part is that this will also make oneself feel happy. We are (humans) in our travel in life everyone we get to meet is part of this journey, a ”travel mate” and you can learn from every/any situation and people that appears in your life, no matter what. I feel lucky when I see a program in myself. When I learn new things, when I meet new people that makes it happen, and that is what this work camp has done to me. I guess that when I get back home I will digest all this experience and will take the most of it, because now (last day) is too early to know all what I’ve learned. But I can tell with one hand in my heart that I will be a different Carla after this summer, and that’s what makes me happier than anything.


Today I got the opportunity to be invited to a Muslim wedding in Gampola… wow thanks life!
In a day when you don’t come across any problems, you can have sure that you are traveling in the wrong path.-keep that always in mind -problems/conflicts are opportunities to learn and progress your soul.

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