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Written by Thomas Schallhart

September 2020

After 8 days of our online camp to edit Wikipedia articles about the history of Service Civil International, we are proud to have written more than 50 articles in English, Armenian, Croatian, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, and German. We also uploaded lots of new pictures from the SCI archives to Wikimedia Commons and made these pictures now freely available for everyone!

Among the articles we wrote, some were very necessary: There was no article about “workcamp” yet in English, Russian or Spanish – we fixed that! Also, many activists who were important in the history of the organisation now have articles in many languages.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who participated in this camp with their motivation to exchange and learn across virtual borders! Thank you also to Heinz from the SCI Archives in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and to Wikimedia Switzerland for supporting the project!

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