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Sri Lanka

Long term volunteering

Written by Mathilde from Sri Lanka

February 2015

Dear SCI,
Wow! It has been two amazing months here and I have been surrounded by so sweet and open hearted people, who have made my daily life so fantastic. Right from the beginning you took so good care of us and SCI became really quickly like a nice and joyful home.
I have experienced so many different, but all fantastic, things here in Sri Lanka. The work camp in Jaffna among others was a really great experience. I was a bit nervous in the beginning because I knew it was going to be tough both physically and mentally. But it turned out to be the greatest experience with a lot of work, but also with some really nice and lovely people. I will definitely recommend people to join a work camp.

In the weekdays I have worked at the Blue Rose special school. This school, all the teachers and all the children have really got a place in my heart. The teachers together with SCI are doing a fantastic job. The children are amazing and have made me happy every day. I will really miss working with these children and teachers. While I write this I become even more sure that I will come back someday. (Hopefully really soon).

I have to thank you all for some lovely and amazing months. I am having this strange feeling right now: I feel really sad about leaving all these wonderful experience and especially all the nice people I have met. At the same time I feel really happy when I think of the two months I have spent here.

Thank you and see you soon!
Love from MATHILDE

I wish you all the best in the future. Take care until we meet again.

Mathilde, Sri Lanka (2015)

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