29 July, 2022

Call for Applications: International Training “Media (red)using stereotypes and divisions among youth”

24-29th of September | Durres, Albania

International Training “Media (red)using stereotypes and divisions among youth”

? 24-29th of September

? Durres, Albania

⏰ Apply by 1 September 2022

Are you a young person, youth worker, activist, or volunteer who is eager to enhance your understanding of media literacy, take an active role to promote intercultural dialogue, and combat hate speech and discrimination in the community you live in by using digital tools?

The project: “Media (red)using stereotypes and divisions between youth” aims to increase understanding and develop skills of youth workers, young people, activists, and volunteers on media literacy and its crucial role to reduce or influence division between countries and young people with the past and nowadays political issues.

It will gather motivated young people, young journalists, and youth workers from 8 countries in the Balkans and EU to use social media and digital tools to promote peaceful societies. In addition to media literacy, the project has focused on exploring youth stereotypes in the region, their own personal stereotypes, and what it means to coexist in peace. Living together with their peers from the countries which they consider “enemies” will make them realise how fake news, hate speeches, and propaganda influence perceptions. Young people will interact together, make plans, and network among them which is a step toward experiencing peace and diversity, changing attitudes, and believing in their power to promote peace.

Eligible to apply:

  • Young people, youth workers, young journalists, activists and volunteers coming from Albania, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia;
  • Be motivated to learn and interested in the topic of media literacy, hate speech, discrimination, regional collaboration, and youth;
  • Age 18 to 30 years old;
  • To be proficient in English;
  • To contribute to the online campaign by sharing the project’s products: video, photos, digital art, paintings, and pod-casts on social networks;
  • To organise 1 to 2 follow-up workshops in her/his country upon completion of the international training;

To reach the venue only by environmentally friendly means of transport such are: bus, van, train.


If interested we invite you to fill out the application form before 1st of September 2022.


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