10 January, 2024

Call for external assessor: SCI Peace Activism Campaign

Apply by 1 February 2024

Service Civil International is contracting an independent expert to assess peace activism actions of its Branches and Groups in light of the establishment of a common global SCI Peace Activism Campaign.

Service Civil International

Service Civil International (SCI) is an international peace movement comprising of 39 Branches and Groups all over the world, whose vision is a world of peace, social justice, and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflicts. SCI’s mission is to promote a culture of peace by organising international volunteering projects with local and global impact. All SCI activities should be in line with SCI’s values: volunteering, non-violence, respect for human rights, solidarity, respect for the environment, inclusion, empowerment, cooperation. 

Peace Activism Projects Campaign 

In its annual International Committee Meeting of December 2022 (SCI’s Annual General Assembly) it was voted, with overwhelming majority, Resolution ICM/22/03/23 Bis on a “Peace Activism Projects Campaign” whose concept is to “Develop and consolidate SCI as a reference world organisation for peace activism”. 

However, since the context of ‘peace activism’ within SCI, is as diverse as its peace actions and as varied as its branches and groups, before embarking on the Campaign, which potentially has serious consequences for SCI’s work in the future, ICM, in voting the Campaign, decided to involve a third/neutral party that could objectively approach, collect and evaluate the concept of ‘peace activism’ within SCI. 

Role of the assessor 

We are searching for an external assessor to develop an evaluation system to assess all activity of national SCIs that they treat and/or consider as peace activism actions and based on the feedback from SCI branches and groups prepare a Report that will (a) map the reality of peace activism in SCI and (b) assemble common features that qualify actions as peace activism in all SCIs and give recommendations for the development of the common global Peace Activism Campaign 

Specifically, the assessor is expected to: 

  • Prepare and apply a research methodology to assess practising peace activism within SCI 
  • Conduct individual interviews and/or prepare questionnaires addressed to SCI IS staff and National Branches and Groups to assess practising peace activism within SCI. 
  • Conduct two workshops with SCI IS staff and National Branches and Groups (a) a preparatory one upon the launch of the research and (b) a concluding one to share results, lessons learnt and recommendations before the publication of the Report.
  • Draft a Report describing outcomes, lessons learnt and recommendations.


  • Excellent knowledge of research and evaluation methodology
  • Experience working with international civil society organisations in the field of activism. 
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to concisely summarise evaluation results for different audiences 
  • Excellent research and analytical skills 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and perseverance 
  • Cultural sensitivity and inclusive 
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Perfect English language skills 


The evaluation will be conducted between March and October 2024 with the final report expected for 1 November 2024. 

Times for interviews and workshops with SCI International Secretarial staff, SCI Branches and Groups will be agreed with the selected consultant.   

Contract and budget 

The expert shall be paid for the execution of the activities and services a fee of maximum 6000 EUR, all taxes and VAT included. 

Application process

Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following documents: 

  • CV, highlighting past similar assignments 
  • Proposed methodology, timeline and budgetary proposal, including envisaged number of working days 
  • Motivation letter, addressing the different points of the sought profile

We will select the expert according to the principle of “Value for money”.

Please submit your application via our form below by 1st February 2024.



For further questions, please contact Antonios Sifakis at antonios.sifakis@sci.ngo

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