29 April, 2020

Earth Day 2020

Looking back to 2016 and forward to what’s in store for this Covid-19 pandemic year

22 April is designated Mother Earth Day. This year – we will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Malaysia like most of the 192 countries worldwide is under a COVID-19 pandemic Lockdown – here we call the MCO (Movement Control Order) – basically staying at home – it a good time to clean up… and in cleaning up we saw this yesteryear’s beautiful Earth Day Banner.

Allow us to you take you back to 2016 – and share the exciting and wonderful activities and fun we had … just click on this link.

Like most of the countries – under this modified Lockdown Situation – with very strict order to Stay at Home, practice Physical Distancing, be safe with almost Zero Activities outside, it was fun for a week, after a month and not sure when the end in sight – life can be challenging.

SCI Malaysia and its Partners collaborated and came out with an engaging 3-in-1 Activities.

1) Let’s Take Action – Share your Photos of your Earth Day Activities,
2) Share a Meal with the Long Staying Residents (LSR) of the Zoo,
3) Encourage our children to take part in this years’ Earth Day Coloring Contest

Celebrate Earth Day from your home – Share what you like to do, plan to do or doing – as part of our awareness and engagement to have a better and more sustainable Planet Earth… Take a photo or video and we will compile them.

During this Lockdown period and for quite a while – the attendance to the National Zoo, affecting it revenue, will drop. So we started a campaign – Let’s Share a Meal with the Long Staying Residents of the Zoo. Skip a meal, and donate the cost for this cause. Over a short period of time 50 members and friends had chipped in more than Rm 5000/=

The UN slogan for Earth Day this year is Climate Action for Peace. We are inviting children to submit coloring posters – to help create awareness for a more sustainable world of ours. The participation from these children from home is very encouraging.

SCI Malaysia poster

Earth Day Project

Earth Day Poster

Written by SCI Malaysia


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