20 February, 2023

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

How can you support?

The earthquake recently affecting Turkey and Syria is the biggest of the last centuries. The earthquake, which started with a magnitude of 7.7, was followed by numerous earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3, 6.7 and 6.8. However, there was another independent earthquake in the same region with a magnitude of 7.8 with severe aftershocks. Many buildings could not withstand all these tremors.
The death toll keeps rising, now surpassing 46000 people, and hundreds of thousands seeking shelter.
There is no way to beautify this apocalyptic landscape. At the same time, there is a great mobilisation in Turkey. Public institutions and non-governmental organisations sent a lot of aid to the region.
❗️ Syria does not seem to be equally supported by government aid, although this tragedy comes on top of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country affected by a 12-year-long war. SCI stands in solidarity to everyone affected.
? How can you support?
? You can encourage the official authorities of the country you live in to support Turkey and Syria.
? You can also raise awareness. Make the world aware of the crisis and help the people of Turkey and Syria get help!
? Since we have partners in Turkey, we received reliable information on how you can support that area with a donation:
? AFAD: https://afad.gov.tr/depremkampanyasi2 (Turkey’s official Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency – Donate in TRY, EUR and USD)
? AKUT: https://akut.org.tr/en/donation (Voluntary search, assist and rescue organisation – Donate in TRY, EUR and USD)
? AHBAP: https://bagis.ahbap.org (One of the most active voluntary networks, active in the affected regions – Donate in TRY with credit card)
? Ankara Medical Chamber (one of the trustable organisations that has started a solidarity campaign): by writing “earthquake donation” in the transfer description section, you can ensure that donations are sent to this purpose. Account details for transfers in Euro: TR86 0004 6003 5403 6000 1962 94
Thank you for your engagement and solidarity!

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