23 December, 2019

Peace education in the spotlight in 2020

Peace in Practice

We are excited to announce that the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe approved SCI’s Work Plan for 2020, called Peace in Practice: supporting young people to become peace envoys.

In line with the new Strategic Plan of SCI, the main aim is to strengthen the capacity of young people and partner organisations to connect peace with day-to-day life and actions and act as peace envoys and actors for change.

Do you also wish to contribute to a more peaceful world and you often wonder how? Does the concept of peace sometimes seems too abstract to you? You are definitely not alone.

This project is an opportunity for you to discover different layers of peace, create bonds with like-minded people from all over Europe and carry on a tangible peace action.

What to look forward to?

Peace in Practice Online Course
Why not to celebrate our 100 years of existence by a launch of an online course that supports young people in practicing peace and becoming actors for change?

Building on our experience with the Peace Messengers course run by the Peace Messengers Network in the past decade, we want to extend our online learning opportunities and make peace education accessible to a larger group of young people. We imagine this online course to be a user-friendly product that allows for flexibility in learning, tackles hand-ons projects based on real local/personal needs, integrates videos, offers an easy group interaction and peer support.

The team to develop this online course will come together for their Kick off meeting from 24-27 February? We will keep you post it about options to contribute with your ideas or help us test its beta version later in 2020.

Peace in Practice training course organised by SCI Switzerland in May 2020.
Do you want to deepen your knowledge on different levels of peace, find connections between creating a world of peace and your actions, and plan your follow up actions for peace on local level (workshops, discussions, screenings, street actions, peace caravans, etc.) as part of our 2020 campaign? The call for participants is open till 20 February. This training course has been featured as Action for Peace #24 and contributes to our 2020’s flagship of 100 Actions for Peace.

Coaching Peace in Practice training course in December 2020 in France.
We need you to help us ensure the quality and sustainability of peace education in SCI.
Do you want to develop your coaching skills and use them to support people around you in active learning about peace in practice, while using the online course as a supportive tool? Do you want to get in-depth knowledge of the online course before its public launch?

More information about activities of this project will be released in early 2020. Are you afraid you’ll miss it? Leave your contact here and we’ll keep you posted.

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