14 August, 2023

SCI activist bringing youth voices at Bonn Climate Conference

SB58 report

Sharmin Shara Mim, a young climate activist from SCI Germany, participated in the Bonn Climate Conference 2023 (SB58), taking place from 5 to 15 June.

Here is his experience bringing the voice of young people to the conference.

I have attended the conference for 3 days, from 8 to 10 June 2023.

The first day activity included attending an event titled “Youth Adaptation Forum” organised by Global Center on Adaptation. There I have joined an intergenerational dialogue on youth engagement in adaptation activities.

Second day, 9 June, I have attended negotiation sessions on Global stock take (GST) and mitigation. I had the privilege to participate in a bilateral meeting with Honourable State Minister Hajja Naseem, Maldives, Member of Transitional Committee, to discuss young people involvement on Loss and Damage negotiation organised by YOUNGO Loss and Damage Working Group. Over there, I had the opportunity to talk with other international youth about the loss and damage finance and give some input to Honourable Minister Hajja Naseem about the loss and damage negotiation.

Third day, 10 June I also attended the session and launch of AI for climate action. I also attended follow up Global stocktake session that day.

It was a great opportunity for me to networking with like-minded youth who are already working on climate change. Also, discussed some collaboration opportunities for further youth engagement in climate action. While I was networking with other people, I was representing SCI Germany. It was a great opportunity for me to represent SCI Germany in SB58.

Youth like us requires organisational support and umbrella to work on our agendas and fight against issue like climate justice. Youth organisations like SCI Germany supports us giving these opportunities like providing a badge to participate in international policy negotiation conferences where our voice matters but it is hard to reach.

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