30 January, 2020


Theatre for peace

Volunteers from SCI Switzerland organize theatre evenings for children from families seeking asylum and for children from Switzerland once a month at the transition centre Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz (SRK) in Bern-Länggasse.

The main objective of the “TheaterFlucht” project is to offer activities related to theatre, dance and painting to break prejudices and generate bonds of trust between children and young people with different cultural backgrounds.

Children and young people with migratory or Swiss backgrounds have the opportunity to discover together new means of expression, creative possibilities and to strengthen their self-confidence, their autonomy and respect. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn about their own and foreign cultures.

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“A time to reflect and reconnect”

“A time to reflect and reconnect”

After ten years of activities and brainstorming on climate change, non-formal education, peacebuilding, friendship, volunteering, or activism, GAIA Kosovo decided it was time to gather testimonies, stories, experiences from friends from the Balkans and beyond in the form of podcasts.

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