27 May, 2020

Unmasking COVID-19

Gender Blenders campaign

Gender Blenders SCI working group launched a 17-day campaign in which we are going to unmask the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of gender and to draw your attention to people who are at high risk during the lockdown.

We will talk about 5 different gender realities during COVID-19:

  • LGBTIQ+ people during lockdown
  • Repression of Reproductive Rights
  • Care Work at Home and as a professional sector
  • Sex Workers
  • Rising of gender-based violence during lockdown

We are going to spread information about these gender realities (examples of best practices, suggestions for actions, inspirations…) to generate awareness, denounce stereotypes and gender-based violence and show solidarity with communities, organisations and individuals struggling to uphold their rights at this time.

The campaign #unmaskingCovid is part of “100 Actions for Peace” which is an ongoing international celebration spreading the peace message through volunteer actions all over the world.



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