26 August, 2022

VOLUMEN – VOLUnteering for inclusive DevelopMENt

by SCI Madrid

SCI Madrid presents its new project for gender equality in volunteering: VOLUMEN – VOLUnteering for inclusive DevelopMENt


SCI Madrid (Spain) together with the NGO Genderhood (Greece) are announcing the VOLUMEN – VOLUnteering for inclusive DevelopMENt project aimed at promoting and encouraging non-profit organizations to incorporate the gender perspective in all their volunteering activities, through the development of an action plan that contributes to gender equality in a sustainable way. 

One of the first objectives of the VOLUME project is to analyze the reality and identify the existing gender needs in volunteer action in both countries. To achieve this objective, it is planned to carry out an analysis of good practices and local resources and hold four focus groups (two in each country) to identify the real needs in terms of gender and existing inequalities. The study of focus groups will make it possible to draw the baseline for the design of eight workshops, in addition to identifying the real needs that emerge from the groups and working for real change through a comprehensive gender approach.

During the two years of the project (2022-2024), several activities are scheduled:

  1. Seminars for professionals: To improve the knowledge and skills of professionals involved in volunteer management, training seminars will be held in Spain and Greece.
  2. A toolkit for the integration of the gender perspective in volunteering: A fundamental pillar of the project is the creation of a digital “toolbox” of good practices for the integration of the gender perspective in volunteering. It will target professionals working with young people and civil society organizations. The content of this toolkit will benefit this type of professionals, human resource managers and NGO staff. It will provide the target audience with innovative tools to carry out their tasks related to the volunteer community of the organization they represent in a more inclusive way.
  3. Workshops for volunteer communities: Five workshops will be held for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 belonging to volunteer communities, focused on understanding the integration of the gender perspective through non-formal education. 

“Volunteering creates human and social capital, serves as a path towards integration and employment and is a key factor in improving social cohesion. Unfortunately, participation in volunteer activities is still determined by traditional gender roles, where inequalities and discrimination occur. We are excited to announce our new collaboration with Genderhood to develop a project that promotes equal opportunities and encourages the participation of people with fewer opportunities regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, health. We hope that our skills and experience will progressively lead to a successful project, aimed at supporting and integrating the gender dimension in volunteer action projects and raising awareness among young people, the educational community and the general public about the sustainable use of volunteering with gender equality” – says Anna Spezie, coordinator of SCI Madrid.

“Border closures for almost two years have significantly disrupted organizations’ volunteering activities, while also widening the gender inequality gap. Our need to create actions that serve as a bridge between gender equality and volunteering has led us to collaborate with SCI Madrid, Spain, to create this project” – comments Lamprini Georgiou, coordinator of the VOLUMEN project – VOLUnteering for inclusive DevelopMENt.

For more information about the VOLUMEN project and the activities of SCI Madrid follow their Instagram


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