Swiss workcamp in Hölstein

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Written by Judith Frink

September 2020

I’m a 19 years old student, who will start a University at the end of September. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, especially to countries with beautiful nature and friendly people. I’ve been here, in Switzerland last year..on the same workcamp and I really enjoyed my time there and the work we did. Since I’ve got longer holidays I thought I would go again this year and COVID–19 would not stop me.

So now I’m here, loving my time here and not excited to come back home. On my workcamp I was the only volunteer, so I couldn’t do big things like last year. Here is the type of work that I did: Painting walls and chairs, destroying old wallpapers, gardening, picking up plums, repairing path, cleaning, destroying, and filling things with cement… After every work, that I finished I felt proud of myself, and it was like a satisfaction for me.. even though they were small things.

In my free time or the time I didn’t work, I did a lot of activities. I would like to thank all the people, who helped me cause without them it wouldn’t be possible. I visited Basel, went to Olten, where we were swimming several times in a river. I went on a folk dance class in Basel and later to a ball folk in Ins. Wandered several times in the woods. Traveled to Lucern and hiked up to Burgenstock, went swimming in a lake, and for a walk through the old city. And the last stop was Bern, where I spent a few days. Hiked up to Gurten, walked through the old town, several times swimming in the river, visiting churches…

For the people who have never been here, Switzerland is a beautiful place worth visiting!! So come for a long time, so you can see all the awesome and cool stuff here.

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