Peace Messenger Study Session in Strasbourg

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Written by Arta Abduli from North Macedonia

April 2019

Recently a SCI/VYRE peace messengers study-session took place in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. 

Last week I attended the Study session “Peace in the Spotlight” that took place from 8th to 12th April organised by Service Civil International, Voices of Young Refugees in Europe and in cooperation with Youth Department of the Council of Europe. I really enjoyed being part of it and discussing different topics and learning new things from such a diverse group as we were.

We started the study session with getting to know each other and team building activities, the group was perfect and that was obvious since the first day. During the sessions through different inspiring activities we discussed different topic such as: Peace, Gender based stereotypes, violence and gender equality, Human rights, conflict resolution, challenges for young refugees, hate speech, discrimination. It was good for us as a human rights activist to see different opinions and to discuss them.

The last days we worked on facilitation skills and we developed our follow up projects. I am pretty sure that these projects would be more than successful because of the energy of the group.

And last but not least, in the mean time we went on a tour of positive initiatives in which we visited 4 places, social business and civil society, working on refugees and integration in Strasbourg.

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