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Written by SCI Switzerland

September 2017

« What did you learn during this camp ? »
« Many things, but anything about permaculture. »

The answer of Alex, one of the participants

An old house in the Jura-mountains, called the « Décentrale », about twenty people from all over the world and an international hosting crew with high ideals (fair coins, permaculture, democratic school project …).

From the very first moment there was an atmosphere of « peace & love » until the end of our camp, a good mix of people, willing to work hard and making new experiences during these two weeks. Everybody was active, everybody was a part of the camp, everybody was important until the last day.

The result : much work was done, much work is still to do. Everybody gave his best, even when the weather was cold and there was a lot of rain this summer. Looking back, I feel happy and «rich» for have been a small part of our camp, equal with everybody in this « short-time-society-experience ».

What made the camp a success was the diversity of high motivated people with the wish to change the world into a better place, their positivity and love. THIS is permaculture for me : living together in peace. Thanks to all of you!

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