Zero Trash workcamp in Portugal


Written by Yeliz from Hungary

August 2021

I took part in the Zero-Trash workcamp in Portugal over this summer. Our main activities were collecting trash in the village of Serpins near Coimbra. We went to the nearby woods where trash had been illegally thrown out and our job was to separate them based on their material. Other than that we also had some other tasks such as clearing out the riverside, cutting the overgrown branches and vegetation by the picnic area.

Because of the heat, we would work in the morning hours and after lunch we either had free time to relax or we had other activities that the hosting organisation planned for us. For instance, on one occasion we visited another organisation where they pressed the recycled trash together and showed us how they collect everything.

In our free time we swam by the river near our accommodation in Serpins and played games outside, and in general we had time to talk and get to know each other. We also had days off when we visited Coimbra and went to the beach! On the day before our last day we went hiking and watched the sunset on the top of this mountain, with an amazing view. 

I think it was a really great experience which was well balanced between work and leisure time, and I would recommend it for everyone to try out. Not to mention, the people you meet and friendships you can build over two weeks are really special.

You can still join!

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