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In these days a new EVS volunteer arrived at the SCI International Secretariat in Antwerp, Sky from Hong Kong. She will be supporting the activities of Peers to Peace, the SCI project that involves many SCI branches – and not only - around the world. We are glad to introduce Sky to all of you with this interview.


The project Go visual! – Creative education about migration (lasting from June to November 2016) is a part of the SCI Building Bridges Campaign on refugees, and in line with the current developments in Europe regarding migration. The project leader is One World Association, the Polish branch of SCI and in these days they approved the output of the training course: an electronic publication with a set of 51 icons – simplified drawings – that allow to visualise in a few seconds concepts like: refugee, persecution, migration, discrimination, support, integration, etc. The icons are easy to redraw and need no artistic skills – literally everyone can copy them!

The first story about how SCI's Refugee Fund is used has arrived from our Bulgarian branch, CVS Bulgaria, and it talks about a clean backyard, a big mural and better living conditions. 

10 volunteers and representatives of SCI branches, SCI's Building Bridges Campaign and international project groups were gathered for 4 days in the sunny, snowy office of VCV Serbia. The cosy place did not necessarily reflect the critical topic discussed: the so called "refugee crisis" and the possible approach of SCI, events foreseen to support the struggle on the field and to increase the awareness on the present situation. One of the participants of the meeting shared an overview with us over the weekend, find out more...

Representatives SCI branches and teams gathered in Serbia to disscuss SCI's strategy concerning the "refugee crisis", Serbia (January 2017)

The Peers to Peace project steering-team met for four days in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to plan the launch and implementation of Peers to Peace: Peer learning and Peer support for Capacity Building in international volunteer work, a project that is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

The Prep-team of Peers to Peace take a step forward, Gerlsenkirchen. Germany (January 2017)


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