20 December, 2022

La Instantània 2022 winners

by SCI Catalunya

Since 2013 SCI Catalunya has been organising ‘La Instantània’ volunteer photography competition with a critical perspective of the SCI. This photo contest is for everyone who have participated in local or international volunteering projects with the SCI Catalonia (work camps, ESC, LTV). The winners for 2021-2022 season were voted by the volunteers who participated in the celebration weekend of the 40 years anniversary of SCI Cat in the youth centre “Can Xammar” on the 8th of October.

Images are one of the best resources to be able to convey the meaning of the experiences of volunteering projects. At the same time, the power they have should make us think about what kind of image and what message we want to give. In this edition of the photo contest, SCI Catalunya wanted to place special emphasis on ethical communication and social transformation.

The photograph ‘The cherry bath‘ by volunteer Marina Andreu taken during a work camp in Denmark was the most voted at the meeting of volunteers. Free participation in an international training is Marina’s prize! The second prize of La Instantània goes to Karolina Levanaite with the photograph entitled ‘The pause‘, taken during the youth exchange ‘Covid19 what now’ in Switzerland. She takes two gifts from the SCI’s 40th anniversary: a canteen and a bock’n roll. Congratulations to Marina and Karolina and everyone who participated!


‘The cherry bath’ by Marina Andreu – 1st prize

This summer we juggled iat the eco-city Dyssekilde. The Himmelstorm Festival has given us the opportunity to get to know its lands and the customs of those who live there. Together we have learned to live together in a more sustainable way and, obviously, we have enjoyed the talent of local artists as if we were at home.
Right in this photo we can see the reconstruction of one of the composting baths for the festival. The task consisted of thoroughly cleaning the wooden sheds, sanding off the old paint and finally repainting them. Well, quite an entertaining job but sweetened by the cherry trees that hugged us.


‘The break’ by Karolina Levanaite – 2nd prize

Fátima taking an infusion at the ‘Covid 19 what now’ exchange in Bern, framed by our weekly schedule.


‘Diversita(r)t * lying on the lawn’ by Àneu Muns – Finalist

You can see how graffiti artist Jako from @jakocostum matches each color that makes up the intersectional LGBTIQ+ flag with a spray from his game. It is identifying the colors that make it up, precisely for what the flag itself is intended to do, to provide representation to the different groups and their demands.

*Diversita(r)t= diversity + art, a play of the words in catalan


‘Breathing a sunset’ by Karolina Levanaite – Finalist

In the midst of all the intensity of an exchange there are also many moments of peace and reflection, in Bern we once again valued the awareness of the now.

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