What will I do for peace today?

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Topics: Education, Environment, Peace, and Poverty and social justice

Project: Peace in Practice

Year of publication: 2021

Supported by: Movetia and the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.

Resource type: Other

A poster to inspire your daily action for peace!

The posters were created in the framework of the Peace in Practice project that was co-funded by Movetia and the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation. The designs were created by SCI Switzerland and the content by the participants and trainers of the Peace in Practice Training Course.

We have different versions and you are free to choose your preferred size, format, colour and symbol combination!



Language & Translation

Wouldn’t it be great to have this peace poster translated into your local language?

Well, we have good news for you: if you take care of the translation, SCI Switzerland will take care of incorporating it into the design! ?

Let us know to which language you plan to translate the poster (so that we can inform you if anybody else is already doing the job), then please fill this table and send back the translation to peace.practice@scich.org.

We already have the versions in Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Albanian, French, Azerbaijani, German, Ukrainian, Russian and soon more!

Try to use active, encouraging language that is concise enough to fit on a poster. Thank you!

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