24 November, 2020

SCI (Swiss branch) has received the “Prix Civiva”

For 100 years of engagement in civil service

SCI Switzerland has received a price called “Prix Civiva” in honor of the movement’s 100 years of engagement in alternative service, today’s so-called civil service. The prize – a massive stone engraved with SCI Switzerland’s name – was handed over from the representative of CIVIVA Lisa Mazzone to Ursula, a committee member of SCI Switzerland. It is issued each year by the Swiss association of conscientious objectors who do “civil service”

The ceremony took place on October 2 in Berne. A great speech was held by the former Swiss federal minister of interior and social affairs, Ruth Dreifuss, now 80 years old, a socialist, of Jewish family origin, women rights activist and former trade unionist who has been, for long, sympathising with our movement.

Link CIVIVA: https://www.servicecivil.ch/civiva (French)

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