4 November, 2022

Vision Seminar: 5th and Final Workshop

Towards a new vision for SCI’s future

Towards a new vision for SCI’s future

You are warmly invited to participate in the final event of the Vision Seminar and be a part of the conversation towards the future of SCI and the new Strategic Plan.

? Saturday, November 26th, 10h00-13h00 CET*

? On Zoom

⏰ Please register by November 21st


*see what time it is in your city: https://bit.ly/SCIVS5

The final event will conclude the series of workshops by taking on board the conclusions, recommendations and proposals of the four previous workshops and draw some lessons learnt and vision for the future of SCI. From this prospect, both the long-term vision and the short-term strategic planning will be radically concerned. We thus aim to make the junction between the 2020 process and the new SCI strategic plan, and to symbolically be a bridge between the past and the future.


The Vision Seminar

The Vision Seminar consists of a series of 4 online workshops and a final seminar on a new vision for SCI. 

The Vision Seminar process is open to everybody, to the oldest and youngest SCI activists, from East to West and from South to North, with some or a lot of experience, and with a will to be part of the SCI new Vision of Peace and of SCI future! 

If you are enthusiastic about the whole process and ready to contribute, you are invited to the final workshop of the series – we look forward to meeting you there!

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