10 June, 2022

Vision Seminar: second workshop

What is the way to achieve peace today?

What is the way to achieve peace today?

Are volunteering and the International Voluntary Service still useful and relevant?

What other actions would be relevant?

There are many different ways to peace, and also quite a number of international peace-organizations. The slogan and the tool of SCI is “Volunteering for Peace’, in other words International  Voluntary Service. But is this (still) an adequate and relevant way to work for peace? Is it enough, what is the actual impact of IVS on people, community and the society, for example what is the added value of painting a community center for these entities?  What does the ongoing strong arms trade mean for SCI? Should SCI find other ways to achieve peace, maybe in coalition with others?

If you are interested in these questions, enthusiastic about the whole process and ready to participate in the second zoom event of the Vision Seminar, you are invited to join us!

? Saturday, July 9 – 11h00-13h00 CEST

? Online on zoom

⏰ Register by 4th of July




The Vision Seminar

The Vision Seminar consists of a series of 4 online workshops and a final seminar on a new vision for SCI. The first event happened on 11 June on Zoom, discussing the question: “What does it mean to work for peace today, in the current context?”

The second event will build up on the ideas generated in the first one, but you don’t need to have participated in the first event to join – anyone is welcome!

The Vision Seminar process is open to everybody, to the oldest and youngest SCI activists, from East to West and from South to North, with some or a lot of experience, AND with a clear will to be part of the SCI new Vision of Peace and of SCI future! We are looking for enthusiastic participants who are interested in contributing to the discussion.

If you are enthusiastic about the whole process and ready to contribute, you are invited to the second workshop of the series – we look forward to meet you!

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