The best volunteering opportunity

Long term volunteering

Written by Kelemen Gábor from Hungary

May 2021

The best volunteering opportunity is to go to Romania for an ESC project. The best way to go to ESC is to go to Romania for the first time. It was the best place to experience all four seasons in 3 months. I taught English to kindergarten children in an afternoon school and in a local children’s home, using the arts in a small village called Hărja, nestled in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, and in Oituz. The many smiling faces always gave me strength for the next day, even when I had very long days.

Together with many other international volunteers, I worked to make the children happier in this difficult 2021 Covid situation. But along with all the tasks, there was time for fun and relaxation. I wouldn’t have dared to take on this project without the help of the Road Help, without the help of so many volunteers, they have supported me and will continue to support me all the way. Here are the best pictures from my Esc project at Friends of Romanian Children NGO.

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