21 October, 2020

We educate to prevent a climate catastrophe

A project by SCI Poland

Since May, we have been implementing a project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Its final will be projects created by primary and secondary school students from smaller towns in the region of Wielkopolska. During the project, the participants visited with us one of the Poznan community gardens, took part in e-course about climate catastrophe and consequence of it, and they took part in e-training “how to create and manage your project”. Currently, students are at the stage of creating their own projects, which will contribute incl. to the afforestation of cities, taking care of pollinators, and educating their batchmate. Additionally, the teaching staff took part in e-training, which was prepared on the basis of the poll held in the previous project (a year ago). They learned how to manage themselves in time, what tools they can use in project management, and how they can ensure that their schools can contribute to preventing a climate catastrophe.




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In memory of Eleanor Will

In memory of Eleanor Will

We want to remember Eleanor as an SCI volunteer who carried the values, knowledge and skills developed in her international volunteering service throughout her life. Her generosity lives on, with a legacy gift of £ 5000 donated to SCI that will help others to enjoy the experience she had. Thank you Eleanor!

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