From Dreams To Actions:

together for a peaceful future

April - December 2021

The idea

“From Dreams to Actions” was a project that brought peace from the abstract level to everyday life. It focused on promoting the values of peace and non-violence by using non-formal education and by creating a safe and motivating environment. The project aimed to encourage active participation and civic engagement by empowering volunteers and supporting them in being active citizens. 

The activities

“From Dreams to Actions: together for a peaceful future” consists of three elements: SCI Peace Cards, an online training course and follow-up actions.

The 13 organisations involved are located in Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Kosovo, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and Belgium.

Training course

15 September – 3 October 2021

The training course was held online with the participation of volunteers and youth workers. It focused on:

  • expanding the knowledge on peace;
  • parallel sessions related to different ways of working for peace;
  • online actions during the International Day of Peace;
  • preparation for the follow-up actions.

 Read the impact and the evaluation reports from this activity.  

Follow-up Period

From October 2021

To share their knowledge as peace ambassadors, participants organised follow up actions to spread the idea of “peace in practice”. For the events, organisations could apply for microgrants of around € 200.

The resources

As a result of “From Dreams to Actions: together for a peaceful future” project, two educational resources were made:

  •  SCI Peace Cards
  •  Street Action Kit 

Peace cards

The SCI Peace Cards are a tool to spark a discussion on peace, non-violence, and activism. Each set consists of 60 cards with quotes around the topic of peace, packed in a cotton bag.

Street Action Kit

Street Action Kit was created to give advice and information for all the activists wanting to create a street action. 

  • How to plan a street action on peace?
  • What are all the details to take into consideration?
  • How to promote your action and gain visibility?

Find all these information and more! 

The design for the kit was created by Jessica K.  (@badattitudebunny)


What is peace to you?

What is peace to you?

Peace is a complex and multidimensional topic and talking about it is not always easy. Join us on the journey to make it more accessible! We have recently developed a new tool for peace education – Peace Cards.

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From Dreams to Actions – where we are so far

From Dreams to Actions – where we are so far

On the 15th of September our long-awaited online training course ‘From Dreams to Actions’ has began!
Participants from 12 countries met on ZOOM for the first time to begin their journey towards effective peace work. They come from diverse backgrounds and they all joined together for this course, ready to share their unique experiences and grow together as changemakers for more a peaceful future.

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The team

Natalie Jivkova

Trainer and Facilitator

Inspired by and passionate about non-formal learning, Natalie supports the learning processes and personal development of youngsters and adults. She is continuously learning how to bring and practice peace at all levels. She has been involved in SCI since 2002 and has co-developed the “Peace Education in Practice” online learning course.


Gośka Tur

Trainer and Facilitator

Gośka is a sociologist and educator, a certified member of the Polish Association of NGO Trainers, and a life-long peace activist. Her focus is on Nonviolent Communication, daily peace, and peace education. Between 2015 and 2020, she was the International President of SCI.

Hasna El Hiyani (She/Her)

Project Volunteer

Hasna is part of the coordinating team and is supporting the project on a daily basis. She is the contact person for the follow-up actions.

Yeliz Cavrar

Communication Volunteer

Yeliz worked on the communication and visibility aspect of the project. She took care of the promotion of the project on social media and through SCI internal channels.


Thomas Schallhart (He/They)

Political Educator and Campaign Strategist

Thomas believes that peace activism is interesting and effective when it’s political. He led different sessions on campaign strategy and how to plan a street action.

Genti Behramaj


Genti shared his experience with many street actions he took part in and supported the team with the online action on the International Day of Peace.

With the support of:

Natalia Bystrianyk

Peace Cards Designer

Natalia is the designer and creator behind our inspirational Peace Cards. For more info go to or follow her creations at

Claudia Strambini

Communication and Volunteer Coordinator

Claudia led a practical workshop on online awareness. The workshop focused on how to communicate a message on social media in a way that it reaches the intended audience and gets more engagement. 

Chantal Doran

SCI International Coordinator

Chantal led a session in advocacy and political change. She focused on promoting active participation and citizenship, civic engagement and a sense of ownership and responsibility for societal processes.

Alena Čápová

Project Officer

Alena supported the team with project administration, communication with the donors and ensured the production of the Street action kit.


From Dreams to Actions is supported by the Erasmus + programme and the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.

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