31 January, 2023

Utopias Against War: Call for trainer

We are looking for a trainer to join an antimilitarist seminar in Rome, Italy, from April 16 to 22, 2023



International Seminar on Antimilitarism

Rome, Italy – 16-22 April 2023

Part of the project “No War Anywhere! Engaging youth in antimilitarist education”

Background of the project

The Association of Service Civil International (SCI) is opening applications for one trainer/ facilitator to join our team for an in-person 7-day (including arrival and departure days) seminar in Rome, Italy, supported by the Council of Europe’s European Youth Foundation and the EU’s CERV Programme.

2022 saw the escalation of war in Europe and around the world. The No War Anywhere! project builds on work to strengthen antimilitarist education within SCI and to bring together young people affected by militarism. SCI, a historic peace organisation, has to take a stand against war and militarism and its effects around the world and to form alliances with other peace networks (such as War Resisters International and International Fellowship of Reconciliation). The question of how to communicate on these issues, in a coherent and efficient way, as a global and diverse movement, led to writing No War Anywhere!.

We will bring together young people from different European realities to exchange on the topic and to get active. We will address urgent and important questions (such as antimilitarist utopias, nuclear disarmament, military-industrial complex, etc.), and offer young people the space and tools to stand up for peace. 


The seminar Utopias Against War is the first activity of the project and aims:

  1. To explore the topic of (anti)militarism, increase understanding of the systems and their effects;
  2. To brainstorm and collect pacifist possibilities and alternatives to militarism;
  3. To build the knowledge basis and support system for future local or virtual action.


Methodological approach and profile of the 2nd facilitator

The seminar will use non-formal education methods, putting an emphasis on learner-centred, experimental and peer learning methods. It will be facilitated by 2 trainers. For this we are looking for a facilitator who:

  • Has good command of English;
  • Has experience with/ knowledge of the topics of the seminar: antimilitarism, peace, utopian thinking;
  • Has proven facilitation experience especially using non-formal education methods;
  • Is available for the full duration of the seminar;
  • Is available online before the seminar to prepare the seminar together with the other facilitator and after the seminar to complete follow-up responsibilities;
  • (Desirable) is aged 30 years or younger (due to its nature as a for-youth and by-youth project and the requirements of the funding organisation, applicants 30 or under will be given priority);
  • (Desirable) is also available and interested in facilitating the second activity of the project: Strategies Against War, advocacy and campaigning training (25 June – 2 July, Austria). If you are also applying to co-facilitate this activity, please state so in your application and briefly outline your relevant experience in advocacy and campaigning.

You can check the complete call as well as an indicative timetable here.


  • The organisers will take care of the travel expenses to and from the venue (after agreement on mode of travel and ticket price) and full board and lodging. 
  • The facilitator  is expected to participate in the preparation and the follow-up of the seminar. The fee will reflect the preparation, duration of the seminar, and follow-up tasks. A facilitator contract will be made up outlining the roles and responsibilities of the trainer.

How to apply?

Please send your CV and a short letter of motivation detailing your suitability for the role to Kerry at programmes@sci.ngo

Deadline for applications is 12th February 2023

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