Becoming an SCI officer


Written by Hari & Bopha from France

March 2023

As a new recruit of SCI, we had the opportunity to follow two trainings, one with French volunteers going abroad, and one with recruits from other countries in Bern.

This was an opportunity to get to know the other people with whom we are communicating behind the screen and to establish a real bond with them.

The training in Bern was also a unique experience in that it allowed us to live for a week with young people from other cultures, united around our learning of new skills.

“I have very fond memories of the training camp, little strolls in the countryside, going out in the city, fun activities and ways of learning… There was always a good atmosphere, and I shared lots of good moments with the others trainees!” – Hari


“Being a volunteer allows you to get out of your comfort zone and discover the world around you. This experience brought interculturality closer to me and I hope that it will accompany me in the future!” – Bopha


Since coming back, we have begun working on real projects ! Here in Lille we have a place called the guinguette de la paix , where we organize mini events and cook some great food. We hope to work on many interesting projects in the coming months and are preparing for the peak of workcamps season!


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