Environmentally Aware- SEEDS Iceland Testimonial


Written by Sarah from Ireland

March 2022

Last year, our friends at SEEDS- Iceland held their “Environmentally Aware” online course! Here, volunteers from all over the world interacted and learned how to be environmentally conscious consumers and travelers! Over the course the year, 5 separate groups took part in workshops, quizzes and activities, including:

  • Plant-based Cooking & Baking Classes
  • A Fun Environmental Quiz
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Tips
  • A DIY Selfcare Products Workshop
  • A Conscious Consumerism Workshop

VSI’s volunteer, Sarah, took part in this course and has graciously told us about her experiences and learning throughout the “Environmentally Aware” course. Here’s what they had to say.

“The project offered a relaxed environment where I learned about environmental issues from around the world and was given the opportunity to meet like-minded people who were able to give a different perspective on environmental issues in their home countries. We participated in a wide variety of activities during the project such as listening to and giving our own presentations, watching documentaries, working together to find solutions to different environmental issues and participating in online interactive workshops. The project also offered enjoyable activities to participate in while offline, such as trash hunting in your local town and providing vegan recipes for the participants to try.
The camp leaders created a warm and informal environment, which made learning and getting to know everyone a very enjoyable experience. Participating in the SEEDS project has made me more aware of my own personal carbon footprint but has also made me aware of the fact that we need system change in order to successfully solve issues related to climate change. I would highly recommend the SEEDS project to anyone interested in environmental issues and to anyone who enjoys meeting new people!”

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Thank you to VSI Ireland for this submission!

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